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 - Lalbi Srl Customized displays in the design, materials, shapes, colors, finishes... 60 Immagini

Boxes for Jewels and Watches

 - Lalbi Srl Fine boxes and caskets to show off the beauty of the jewels, watches, pens, ... 53 Immagini


 - Lalbi Srl Set trays in lacquered wood or coated by different materials-fabrics 32 Immagini


 - Lalbi Srl Pouches, Shoppers, Rolls, Labels, MIrrors, Pillows... 22 Immagini

Funeral Urns

 - Lalbi Srl 14 Immagini

Counter Display

 - Lalbi Srl Counter Display by refined and modern Italian styling 08 Immagini

Boxes for Wine and Spirits

 - Lalbi Srl Customized Boxes and Displays to hold wines and spirits 23 Immagini